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New Growth in the Artificial Grass Landscape

Updated: May 1

The artificial grass industry is flourishing like never before. What was once confined to sports stadiums and putting greens is now extending across residential yards, parks, businesses and more.

As our natural environments face increasing drought and water scarcity issues, property owners are embracing synthetic grass as a beautiful, low-maintenance, sustainable solution.

artificial grass installed at a mansion

At the heart of any successful artificial lawn installation is an often overlooked yet utterly vital component - turf adhesive. This specialized bonding product secures the synthetic grass firmly and permanently to the underlying surface. It prevents wrinkling, rippling, seam separation and hazardous shifting over time.

Without a high-performance turf adhesive doing its job, even the highest quality artificial grass won't retain its fresh, lush appearance for long.

The blades become loose, unsightly gaps emerge, and the entire installation looks shoddy. Properly applied adhesive quite literally lays the foundation for a pristine synthetic lawn built to last.

At the forefront of this essential lawn installation category is GrassFitt, a versatile adhesive specially formulated for artificial turf applications. GrassFitt's uncompromising bonding strength and longevity have made it the trusted choice of countless certified installers, landscape professionals and turf suppliers nationwide.

As artificial grass continues conquering the mainstream landscaping market, GrassFitt adhesive is playing an increasingly pivotal role across several key industry trends:

The Explosive Growth of Landscape Conversions

With chronic drought decimating natural grass from California to Florida, homeowners are proactively converting their thirsty lawns to lush, ultra-realistic artificial turf. Water conservation is rapidly becoming a necessity rather than a choice.

Many municipalities are actively encouraging and even subsidizing these conversions to preserve dwindling water resources. Las Vegas, for example, pays homeowners $3 per square foot of grass removed and replaced with artificial turf through its "Desert Bloom" program.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority has capped disbursements at $1.5 million annually due to overwhelming demand.

When investing in a total landscape conversion, having artificial grass securely cemented down with premium adhesive is non-negotiable.

Homeowners can't afford to worry about their new synthetic lawn creeping, buckling or flapping with potential trip hazards after a costly installation.

GrassFitt's unparalleled grip prevents unsightly failures and safety issues.

Superior adhesives are also vital for ensuring artificial lawns endure the intense UV beating and temperature fluctuations common to drought-stricken desert and semi-arid climates. As a specialized formulation, GrassFitt contains UV inhibitors and thermal strengthening compounds to boost resilience. Even after years of direct sun exposure, it maintains incredible adhesive tenacity without cracking, melting or becoming brittle.

For landscape contractors completing these widespread conversions, GrassFitt offers easy workability and fast curing to maximize productivity. It hits an ideal equilibrium between workable open time and rapid bond strengthening. This allows installers to work smarter, cutting down on labour costs.

The Rise of Artificial Turf Sports Fields

Well beyond residential lawns, artificial turf installations are spiking tremendously within the athletic field realm. More schools, parks, professional teams and communities are ditching natural grass fields in favour of synthetic turf's superior durability and lower maintenance demands.

The latest artificial turf iterations provide an incredibly natural feel and appearance, with specialized blends mimicking different grass species and textures. They have an equally impressive capacity to withstand heavy play and high soil shifting/movement without compacting or deteriorating.

However, these high-impact environments and tougher wear patterns place tremendous stress on seams, inlays and edges where turf sections join together. A heavy-duty, industrial-strength adhesive is absolutely essential to prevent seam separation and keep the playing surface unified. Small bumps or gaps can potentially cause serious injuries from falls or snags.

GrassFitt's incredible bonding tenacity is extensively used to secure artificial turf playing fields to concrete, asphalt, and compacted bases. Its flexible yet powerful moisture-cured elastic bonding formulation can withstand the huge shear forces and continued pounding these surfaces endure. GrassFitt forms a virtually indestructible bond that remains permanently elastic even under constant movement, compression and expansion cycles.

Thanks to its qualities, GrassFitt can be safely applied while games or practices are happening adjacently. Many stadiums now use the adhesive for field repairs, seam strengthening and turf perimeter securement during brief maintenance windows in between sporting events.

For new field installations, GrassFitt cures rapidly yet allows ample open time for precise turf placement and adjustments. It becomes tack-free within 15 minutes, ready for heavy traffic within 24 hours. This accelerated curing timeline minimizes prolonged field closures and shortens construction cycles.

The Booming Pet Turf Market

One artificial grass sector witnessing explosive expansion is pet-focused installations. Residential dog runs, play areas, veterinary clinics, doggy daycares and even complete yard replacements using pet-friendly synthetic turfs are becoming incredibly popular.

This burgeoning pet market growth parallels skyrocketing dog and cat ownership rates, especially among millennial and Gen Z age groups embracing the #DogsOverKids movement. From 2016 to 2020 alone, pet ownership rose by a staggering 10.8 million U.S. households, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

"Petfluencers" on platforms like Instagram are fuelling the pet turf trend, showcasing spacious artificial grass environments for their furry companions to romp, play and potty safely contained. For pet parents investing thousands into these luxury pet-scapes, a turf adhesive that keeps the synthetic grass locked firmly in place is critical.

GrassFitt checks every box as a pet-safe odor-free turf adhesive perfectly suited for pet turf installations. Its moisture-cured, premium polyurethane formulation contains zero solvents or volatile compounds. It's totally gentle on sensitive paws, with a firm yet flexible feel.

GrassFitt also delivers unmatched resistance against hazardous artificial turf adhesive failures caused by pet urination "puddling." Its impervious bonding power prevents ammonia penetration which can degrade adhesion over time. Even with frequent exposure to pet urination and cleaners, GrassFitt retains its incredible gripping strength.

No shifting, wrinkling or sprouting seams develop that could allow pets to burrow underneath the turf surface.

For kennels, doggy daycares and other high-moisture exposure environments, GrassFitt's exceptional waterproofing qualities make it ideal. Its specialized hydrophobic formulation resists water absorption and wicking, mitigating risks of turf bacteria growth or foul odours. Pet facilities can enjoy long-lasting artificial grass play areas while eliminating concerns about odour transfer.

GrassFitt tins and artificial grass on the floor

Human-Focused Benefits

Although surge protection, cleated impact resistance and waterproof capabilities are certainly vital for athletic fields and pet environments, GrassFitt adhesive's premium performance isn't limited to those applications. Its superior formulation delivers tremendous functional and aesthetic advantages for residential lawns and commercial landscapes as well.

By preventing wrinkles, ripples, warping and unsightly seams, GrassFitt helps artificial turf installations maintain a polished, seamless appearance over decades. Lawns look impeccably smooth and perfectly manicured 24/7, elevating curb appeal. Property managers can avoid embarrassing turf failures around entryways or prominently visible areas.

GrassFitt's tenacious bonding prevents trip hazards around poolsides, patios and sidewalks where turf edges could become uplifted over time. The integrity of the turf installation remains intact season after season, even with foot traffic, outdoor furniture movement or freeze/thaw cycles displacing bordering hardscapes.

The worry-free longevity GrassFitt provides also minimizes expensive turf replacement cycles. Most artificial grass manufacturers warranty that properly installed and maintained turf should last 15-20 years, but that assumes a high-performance adhesive was implemented.

With GrassFitt securing the turf, lawns easily meet or exceed that lifespan while maintaining pristine quality.

This enhanced lifecycle reduces the significant investment costs associated with complete turf replacements over time. At the same time, property values soar with the enduring curb appeal of realistic, perfectly installed artificial grass.

For both residential and commercial properties, GrassFitt delivers maximum ROI.

The Bottom Line on GrassFitt Turf Adhesive

As outdoor spaces continue evolving to meet modern sustainability priorities, solve water challenges and enhance the human/pet experience, artificial turf conversions will only accelerate. And whenever a premium synthetic grass system is installed,

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