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The Future is Green for Synthetic Turf Glue

Updated: Feb 14

The artificial grass and synthetic turf industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, fuelled by both residential and commercial demand.

-As more consumers and businesses seek eco-friendly and low-maintenance landscaping options, the market for synthetic grass installation has flourished. According to a market research report by Stratistics MRC, the global synthetic turf market was valued at $3,249 million in 2016 and reached $5,980 million in 2023 - showing a compound annual growth rate of 9.5%.

So it's clear the outlook is very green for all players in the synthetic grass ecosystem, including specialists in synthetic turf glue and turf adhesive solutions.

What’s Driving the Surge in Synthetic Turf Installations?

There are several factors powering the expansion of artificial grass installations:

- Water conservation initiatives, especially in drought-prone areas, make synthetic lawns an appealing choice over natural grass which requires substantial irrigation

- Technological advances have made synthetic turf much more realistic-looking and feeling, while also improving drainage capabilities

- The cost savings over maintaining a traditional lawn are substantial when factoring expenses like frequent mowing, fertilizer, pest and weed control chemicals, and consistent irrigation

- Artificial grass has gained popularity among sports field and stadium developers due to its durability and playability advantages over natural turf in supporting intense athletic usage

A residential house using artificial grass - synthetic turf

The Growth Opportunity for Synthetic Grass Glue Providers

Of course, the spike in synthetic turf projects provides a steadily increasing market for solutions that make installations successful and durable - like high-quality turf glue products. As developers complete more synthetic turf jobs to meet booming consumer demand, manufacturers of proven synthetic grass adhesives and seam sealants like Grassfitt are perfectly positioned to serve this growth.

Our innovative, eco-friendly synthetic turf glue formulated specifically for bonding artificial grass offers strong, long-lasting performance under extreme conditions.

We provide turf adhesive options to securely fasten landscapes over a variety of base surfaces - from concrete to compacted gravel and more. Whether a residential lawn, playground area, golf course, or full sports stadium pitch,

Grassfitt delivers professional-grade turf glue that withstands heavy activity to keep installations intact and safe.

As more acres of synthetic grass go down across the world and consumer awareness spreads, Grassfitt continues to invest in expanding distribution capabilities and inventory capacity to ensure we can keep fuelling the immense progress of this flourishing market.

The future remains exceedingly bright for the synthetic turf space - and the custom turf glue solutions make it all stick together.

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