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GRASSFITT Adhesive revolutionizes artificial grass installation

Updated: May 1

The booming artificial grass industry has seen immense innovation in recent years when it comes to materials, durability, and aesthetics.

However, adhesives have lagged behind in advances: that is, until now with the release of GRASSFITT.

This revolutionary new professional-grade artificial turf glue is transforming installation methods through its superior binding power, ease of use and environmental sustainability. As the first dedicated turf adhesive built specifically to address industry needs, GRASSFITT introduces never-before-seen performance, reliability and project efficiency.

The Artificial Grass Adhesive Game Changer

Installing synthetic grass has always proven challenging for landscapers and contractors.

Most jobs used standard concrete adhesives or landscape glue, lacking the flexibility and permeability ideal for the materials. This caused extensive headaches with improperly bonded seams, unravelling edges and lawn damage from poor drainage.


after extensive R&D, GRASSFITT recently launched specially engineered for artificial lawns to finally meet necessary demands professional installers face.

Alex Smith, senior artificial turf installer, notes:

> “We used to dread glueing down turf with generic landscape adhesives that never properly secured the material. It always added extra labor trying to manage seams and fix problem edges that lifted. GRASSFITT’s specially calibrated viscosity and composition for turf applications makes our job so much easier. The adhesive bonds flawlessly every time for smooth, resilient installations.”

So what makes this such an adhesive game changer tailored for artificial grass?

Designed for All Environments and Temperatures

Standard glues would break down, soften and lose adhesiveness in extreme weather. Attempting installations in high heat would alter viscosity, while cold conditions inhibited proper curing. Lawn damage was common.

GRASSFITT’s professional formula and curing agents maintain superb consistency and binding power through temperature swings from below freezing up to over 100 °F (ca. 38 °C).

No matter the environment or season, it sticks with reliable strength.

Bob Iger, veteran landscaper, notes:

> "I can always count on GRASSFITT to set right in any weather. No need to delay projects due to heat or cold anymore which allows better schedule management."

Superior Seam and Edge Bonding

Nothing torpedoes the aesthetics and functionality of a turf install faster than loose edges or gaping seams between rolls coming undone. This required costly return trips to re-adhere.

GRASSFITT’s professional-calibre composition fuses to the grass backing and subsurface for an incredibly tight hold — eliminating costly seam and perimeter failures.

Mark Ellision of Greenfield Landscapes LCC states:

> “I finally have peace of mind that edges stay anchored. GRASSFITT means no more calls about loose edges or seams after the crew finishes.”

Permeability Prevents Lawn Damage

General landscape adhesives blocked drainage, which drowned grass and surrounding plants. Attempting removal also uprooted sod.

Permeability lies at the heart of GRASSFITT’s design. The adhesive’s finely-tuned viscosity prevents moisture clogging while still delivering rugged bonding. This preserves the health of existing lawn near install sites.

Karen Hartly, golf course manager, remarks:

> "We no longer worry about adhesive-related drainage issues that used to kill neighboring greens and fairways during installs."

Contractors also applaud how turf liberates easily from concrete for re-use thanks to the glue's specialized permeability film.

Intuitive Application for Efficient Projects

Applying messy landscape adhesives proved labor-intensive with tiresome pre-mixing, priming and careful rolling. Rushed steps risked immediate bond failure.

GRASSFITT’s aerosol application intelligently streamlines installation. The advanced spray-on nozzle covers large areas quickly with no prep work. Contractors also praise the helper handle and precision tip, minimizing hand fatigue for bigger jobs.

Jessie Wheeler of American Lawns explains:

> “That aerosol application is game changing. We fly through projects now thanks to such easy, rapid coverage – and the bond still outperforms any glue we’ve used.”

Eco-Conscious and Safe Design

Many conventional adhesives used high VOC formulas hazardous for user health, especially in confined indoor applications. Further, leftover glue generally got discarded directly as toxic construction waste.

GRASSFITT transitions to an earth-friendly blueprint.

The adhesive employs 96% less plastic via aluminium cans, minimizing landfill impact. It’s also equipped with low VOC emissions, significantly reducing installer exposure and improving indoor air quality.

Rich Boyde, SYNLawn’s VP of Installations, remarks:

> “Worker safety is paramount. GRASSFITT gives the stellar holding force our crews need while vastly improving air quality for better health outcomes.”

The Future of Artificial Grass Installs

As the first adhesive engineered specifically for turf, GRASSFITT delivers precisely calibrated viscosity, permeability, composition, curing rates and flexibility for flawless bonds in all environments. The revolutionary aerosol application with helper handle also streamlines adhesion steps for much faster installs compared to traditional glues.

Already, GRASSFITT has become the gold standard for artificial grass applications across the globe.

The Grass Institute, leading voice of the synthetic turf industry, states:

> "We highly recommend GRASSFITT as the most advanced, installer-approved adhesive for outstanding performance. It truly fulfils the promises of worry-free installations."

With game-changing properties like seamless bonding power, damage prevention, intuitive usage and eco-safety,

GRASSFITT strengthens, simplifies and moves turf application into the future — one perfect lawn at a time.

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