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Artificial Grass is Taking Over Australia’s Backyards — And For Good Reason

Updated: Feb 14

You may have noticed that vibrant green artificial grass is popping up across more Australian yards and public spaces nowadays.

grassfitt on Australia

Once shunned for looking too fake, modern “synthetic turf” has evolved into a practical and aesthetically pleasing landscape option, giving real grass a run for its money.

Lush and flawless during heatwaves.

Water restriction friendly. Soft and realistic barefoot or for kids and pets to play on. Australia’s arid climate makes faux grass inviting, especially as climate change brings hotter weather across many regions of the vast continent.

But beyond low maintenance perks, Australians are discovering further lifestyle gains propelling synthetic lawns into the mainstream — not to mention upward home values. We explore five key factors behind the rise of artificial grass down under.

1: Water Savings Offer Environmental and Financial Benefits

With nearly all of Australia suffering extremely dry conditions over the past decade, harsh government-imposed restrictions on how much water residents use pose harsh fines around public irrigation practices in places like Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. But it’s not just conserving H2O supply that concerns homeowners — absurdly pricey water bills also drive desires to cut usage where possible using drought-tolerant alternatives. And nothing saves more water than eliminating lawn irrigation.

While families could let grassy areas simply die into dust patches, most prefer maintaining an oasis-like appearance showcasing curb appeal — without sky-high utility fees or drawing condemnations for illegal watering. By installing synthetic turf lawns or garden beds with realistic-looking artificial grass and foliage, Australians can sustain envious green spaces while being mindful of wider environmental conditions. The water savings easily justify costs over time — especially as climate change promises hotter, drier summers down the line.

2: Minimal Upkeep for Busy Modern Lifestyles

Artificial grass gives families more weekends back by ending loads of tiresome yard work like weeding, mowing, fertilizing, and constantly picking up pet messes. Perfectly coiffed turf with no brown spots or bare areas means backyards stay presentable even if ignored for weeks at a time. No more fretting over planting fragile seedling lawns, either. Just roll out resilient low-maintenance fake grass and instantly have an elegant, worry-free lawn.

Australian city dwellers juggling full social calendars between children's sports matches, long work hours and commutes appreciate any chance to reduce time-sink chores. With less sweaty labour maintaining grass, they can focus on what matters most instead — barbecuing outdoors with friends and enjoying al fresco dinners thanks to ever-verdant surroundings. Critics used to complain that synthetic turf “looks fake.” But the modern lifelike stuff fools nearly anyone. And Australians happily trade some natural authenticity for functional spaces reflecting modern ease.

3: Cushioning Layers Soften Falls for Kids and Seniors

While prickly hot plastic grass is used to equal injuries for active children and peril for balance-challenged seniors, contemporary options integrate rubber or sand padding beneath tight dense fibres. This shock-absorbent backing turns hard ground below into safer cushioning that prevents head injuries from tumbles for rumbustious kids, footballers practising goal shots, or elders using the lawn for tai chi sessions.

Families and retirement communities alike now trust lush synthetic lawns to protect young and old. Plush new offerings feel downright cosy for lounging, too — no scratchy straw poking skin on sweaty summer days. The springy support makes outdoor play areas more comfortable in multipurpose zones for frolicking, yoga stretches or sprawling out on picnic blankets gazing at starry skies without prickly worries.

4: Stylish Options to Match Any Decor Taste

Blanket statements about artificial grass looking tacky no longer hold thanks to a stunning range of options mimicking patterns of everything from tightly manicured golf turf to wild flowering meadows ready for a roll. Whatever landscape vision you hold, synthetic materials innovations can match. Faux grass scales from patio container accents to full acreage estate coverage or rooftop build-outs.

Bespoke installations sculpt graceful undulations, embed decorative stones or tiles adding personalized flair reflecting stylistic tastes from Mediterranean warmth to Zen tranquillity and more. Companies offer dozens of blade tones and pile heights, achieving varied textural finishes — from billowing luxury mimicking indoor shag rugs to nearly flat scales echoing rock garden Zen scapes or putting greens.

Beyond mere utility exists legitimate beauty sure to wow guests and add home value as curb appeal soars. Sculpt your dream scenery without routine upkeep or climate restraints.

5: Adds Property Value for Future Sales

Speaking of raising house price tags, installing artificial landscaping represents a value-adding upgrade on par with renovated bathrooms or gourmet kitchens for Australians assessing homes. Outdoor living spaces rank among the top wish list features, given the temperate climate, and allow entertaining possibilities year-round. So smart synthetic garden additions capable of hosting vibrant garden parties offer major selling power for those anticipating eventual moves.

A recent analysis by an Australian property appraisal firm found that replacing standard lawns with premium artificial turf added over AUD 22,000 in perceived home value based on the current hot market. Other studies reveal buyers will pay 10-25 per cent premiums for low-maintenance, move-in ready dwellings reflecting modern life quality perks, exactly what this emerging trend provides by merging cutting-edge tech with consumer convenience.

Yards Stay Pristine Even During Aussie Holiday Getaways

No need to hire plant sitters or worry about crispy carnage after returning home from multi-week family vacations abroad, chasing European or American summers. Durable artificial foliage retains healthy facades, resisting extreme heat, droughts, or deluges in your absence. Install it once, then take off for months, knowing a verdant oasis thrives happily upon return.

Synthetic Becomes the New Natural

Between sustainable advantages and upgraded aesthetics, Australians increasingly see quality artificial turf as a permanent landscape solution rather than a temporary stopgap, embracing the functional perks through scorching summers and beyond. Synthetic lawns merging realism with lifestyle flexibility now class up cobblestone streets to remote outback stations. They save resources while sustaining the quintessential Aussie backyard dream.

As populations grow and environmental changes tighten water supply futures, lush grass will become a luxury amenity not resource realistic everywhere. However, creative synthetic solutions ensure Australia’s legendary lifestyle endures sustainably by innovating the way spaces enhance living. The forecast looks bright green for this trend blooming coast to coast. Expect synthetic takeover replicating across more continents as the new global backyard standard soon.

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