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Sports Turf        Repair Kit (STRK)

GRASSFITT STRK is the adhesive that solves your sports turf problems in just 8 minutes.

The Sports Turf Repair Kit, or STRK (pronounced "strike"), is a new addition to our product range, specifically designed for sports field repair. The formula includes a slight flexibility adjustment to adapt to the tough conditions of sports fields.


GrassFitt, the ultimate adhesive solution for your repair needs, this powerful aerosol adhesive is designed to deliver exceptional strength and rapid results, making it the perfect choice for quick repairs. GrassFitt stands out with its remarkable ability to perform in any weather condition, ensuring reliability and convenience for all your projects. Whether you’re facing rain, snow, or shine, trust GrassFitt to provide a strong, fast, and effective bonding solution.


and many more.

just glue it.

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